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Jojoba Oil - 1.5oz

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Quick Overview

  • Odourless

  • Golden colour

  • Non-allergic
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Pure Jojoba Oil is actually a liquid wax which makes it an ideal choice for conditioning natural fibre ropes.

Our jojoba oil is cold pressed and 1oz is sufficient to condition up to 225 feet (70 metres) of rope.

Made from a bean belonging to the Buxus Chinensis plant, jojoba oil is golden coloured, odourless, and non-allergenic.

To use, place a few drops of pure jojoba oil in your palm, or on a leather cloth, and lightly run your ropes threw. You should use the oil sparingly – it will spread further than expected – oily ropes are never appealing.

Because Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax, it can solidify easily in cool weather. Should this occur, just place the bottle in a warm place or in warm water for a few moments.

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