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Natural Hemp Rope 1/4" | Braided
Natural Hemp Rope 5/16" | Unconditioned
Beige Synthetic-Hemp Rope 1/4" | Twisted
Natural Asanawa Rope 1/4" | Unconditioned Osaka
White Polypropylene Rope 1/4" | Twisted
Natural Cotton Rope 1/4" | Braided
Natural Hemp Rope 1/5" | Braided
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | Unconditioned
White Synthetic-Hemp Rope 1/4" | Twisted
Tossa Jute Rope 1/4" | Unconditioned
Black Polypropylene Rope 1/4" | Twisted
Scarlett Thorne Pro Bondage Bundle
Natural Hemp Rope 1/4" | Unconditioned
Esinem's Linen Rope 1/5" | Conditioned
Black Polypropylene Rope 5/16" | Twisted
Natural Asanawa Rope 1/5" | Unconditioned Osaka
White Nylon Rope 1/4" | Solid-Braid
Beige Synthetic-Hemp Rope 5/16" | Twisted
Esinem's Linen Rope 1/4" | Conditioned
White Polypropylene Rope 5/16" | Twisted
Natural Cotton Rope 5/16" | Braided


Jade Rope was established to create the widest range of ropes specifically chosen for their suitability in shibair, kinbaku and hojojutsu.

All of these twisted and braided rope options are available to buy online and diameters include 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm in varying types of rope.

Our Many Types of Rope

There are seven types of fibre to choose from: hemp ropes, jute ropes, cotton ropes, linen ropes, nylon ropes, mfp ropes, poylester ropes.

Most ropes, both natural fibre ropes, and synthetic ropes, are for sale in twisted and braided options and where possible available in a range of colours.

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