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Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | Unconditioned

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Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 11.5ft (3.5m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 23ft (7m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 26ft (8m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 29.5ft (9m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 34.5ft (10.5m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 46ft (14m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | 69ft (21m)
Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | Custom

Quick Overview

100% Jute Rope
  • 3 Strand Twist
  • High breaking strength
  • Low stretch
  • High Quality & Flexible
  • High Friction Tolerance
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Tossa is a particular strain of Jute the Corchorus olitorius.  The 100% natural fibres are two or three shades darker than those used in the asanawa range.  Made from pure jute, this rope is extremely supple in its raw state, tossa is also stronger and due to the extremely high quality manufacturing there is no need to put this jute rope through any conditioning.  We’ve selected this delightful rope specifically because we wanted a prime choice for experienced riggers with high expectations.

Due to the darker shade this rope is exceptionally visually appealing on lighter skin tones, and it is immediately identifiable as a premium organic choice, one that provides the bottom an unmistakable experience through both smell and texture of natural jute rope.

Ideal for all three bondage disciplines, this twisted jute rope is constructed in the traditional 3 plait twist.  Whether you identify with kinbaku, shibari or hojojutsu once this rope is part of your rigging arsenal you will be a true advocate for jute rope.

Batch NotesBatch 11 - June 29, 2013 to Present
There are two characteristics that have changed noteably in our most recent batch of Tossa Jute:

 1. The tossa fibres are lighter than our previous batches - the hue of this batch is only ever so slightly
     more golden than Bangla varity use in our Asanawa range.

2. The diameter is close to 0.5mm smaller, meaning the rope is slightly thinner than previously sold

- Learn more about batches of natural fibre ropes



Warning: most natural fibre ropes are not rated against loading strength and we always advise against making any assumptions about the breaking point of natural fibre ropes.  You should always avoid putting anyone at risk and regularly check your ropes for wear.

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You're reviewing: Tossa Jute Rope 1/5" | Unconditioned

Additional Information

Fibre Jute
construction 3 Twisted
Diameter 1/5" (5mm)
Loading High
Stretch Low

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