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Beige Synthetic-Hemp Rope 1/4" | Twisted
White Polypropylene Rope 5/16" | Twisted
Beige Synthetic-Hemp Rope 5/16" | Twisted
White Polypropylene Rope 1/4" | Twisted
White Nylon Rope 1/4" | Solid-Braid
White Synthetic-Hemp Rope 1/4" | Twisted
Black Polypropylene Rope 1/4" | Twisted
Black Polypropylene Rope 5/16" | Twisted


High Quality Synthetic Fibre Ropes

All synthetic ropes are made from a single blend of material. They are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and are graded far beyond typical ranges found in hardware stores.  ?

Synthetic Rope Range

Jade Rope offer's three synthetic fibre ropes for your enjoyment: nylon rope, polypropylene rope (MFP) & polyester rope.

There are both twisted and braided options available. Our synthetic range of ropes are offered in many colours.

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