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Esinem's Linen Rope 1/4" | Conditioned

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Product Name Price Qty
Sample Length - 1ft - Max Qty of 1
Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 11.5ft (3.5m)

Out of stock

Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 23ft (7m)
Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 26ft (8m)

Out of stock

Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 29.5ft (9m)
Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 34.5ft (10.5m)
Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 46ft (14m)
Esinem's Linen 1/4" | 69ft (21m)

Out of stock


Quick Overview

Premium Linen Rope
  • 3 Strand Twist
  • High breaking strength
  • Low stretch
  • Extremely soft feel
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This linen rope has been conditioned using dry finishing techniques to provide an extremely soft, supple rope that is also extremely durable.

A blend of hemp and premium grade flax, this rope has been made specifically to Esinem's exacting standards for one purpose... to produce a rope ideal for shibari and kinbaku. We are delighted to include this  in our catalogue of natural fibre ropes.

Linen is an exceptionally fine fibre from the Linum usitatissimum plant - which was once used as a currency. This rope is made from approximately 40 ultra-fine treads  per ply giving the rope amazing consistency, high strength and also holds knots extremely well.

Constructed in the traditional 3 plait twist, this linen rope is an ideal choice for dying as the fibre absorbs the dye well.

Warning: most natural fibre ropes are not rated against loading strength and we always advise against making any assumptions about the breaking point of natural fibre ropes.  You should always avoid putting anyone at risk and regularly check your ropes for wear.

* All natural fibre rope batches vary, we cannot guarantee any ropes purchased at a later date will match 'exactly'.

Customer Reviews

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Love it Review by Malik
If you like the feeling of wool this is not for you
It feels strong but soft to her. She loves it. Now I have to order more. Thanks for this awesome product jade. (Posted on 11/29/12)
sorry to bust your chops here, but. Review by mr_elvis
where the heck is the price list for a spool.. and how long is a spool.. and what does "high breaking strength.." equal? how many
pounds or liters? have you tested it.. or are
you using the.. it never done busted on me...

Hi There,

We're currently not set up to sell by the spool, but we do purchase in this rope on reels that are 660ft (or 200m). We can sell by the reel - if you wish to contact us directly we'll be able to offer wholesale pricing.

The breaking strength of this rope is not tested by the manufacturer, so we cannot offer exact figures, however, Esinem's quality is outstanding and we expect the loading is on par with our hemp products. We've had no reporst of the linen rope failing and hope this doesn't change.


The Jade Rope Team (Posted on 3/30/12)

2 Item(s)

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You're reviewing: Esinem's Linen Rope 1/4" | Conditioned

Additional Information

Fibre No
construction 3 Twisted
Diameter 1/4" (6mm)
Loading High
Stretch Low

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