The Highest Voted Rope Store

Bondage Award SheildWhile it would have been delightful to be one of the top 3 stores, we are actually very pleased with the result. By placing 5th in the 2012 Bondage Awards, Jade Rope has obtained a high level of recognition faster than we thought possible. 

It was only March this year that our Portland outlet was only officially opened - a mere seven months prior to this years nominations. To be recognised as the 5th best store out of 33 international competitors is a great acheivment in such a short period of time.

What is most notable was that Jade Rope was voted higher than all other stores dealing specifically with rope.  Obtaining a placing higher than existing reputable rope stores such as Twisted Monk, Bind-Me, Maui Kink and Esinem, was extremely surprising, especially when all of these rope stores have been operating for years longer... we're genuinely grateful to all of the riggers and rope bunnies out there who voted us into the highest placement among all of the rope outlets. 

"We're only about half way into our development wishlist for Jade Rope, so this is a very promising start
to our goal of becoming the most preferred rope store for Kinbaku enthusiasts

- Level1, (one of the original founders of Jade Rope)

A Noble Thanks

We want to expressly thank Noble who has been doing an great job in the US. Noble also obtained high placements in this year's Bondage Awards, but his commitment to delivering a high level of service has been commendable and we're delighted to see that this has been recognised by so many of our customers in the United States.

Obtaining such a strong backing so quickly has only been possible through his efforts.