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Esinem's Linen Rope 1/4" | Conditioned

Esinem's Linen Rope 1/4" | Conditioned

Product Review (submitted on March 30, 2012):
where the heck is the price list for a spool.. and how long is a spool.. and what does "high breaking strength.." equal? how many
pounds or liters? have you tested it.. or are
you using the.. it never done busted on me...

Hi There,

We're currently not set up to sell by the spool, but we do purchase in this rope on reels that are 660ft (or 200m). We can sell by the reel - if you wish to contact us directly we'll be able to offer wholesale pricing.

The breaking strength of this rope is not tested by the manufacturer, so we cannot offer exact figures, however, Esinem's quality is outstanding and we expect the loading is on par with our hemp products. We've had no reporst of the linen rope failing and hope this doesn't change.


The Jade Rope Team